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I really don’t care. Obviously I want to play. That’s the competitor in me. But if we’re winning I’m happy.” Ironically, it is the winning that have so many fans insisting that Dallas shouldn’t mess up a good thing. Prescott’s relatively mistake-free NFL debut has been a welcome change to those who have seen so many heartbreaking turnovers in Dallas over the past decade. Prescott, for example, hasn’t thrown an interception in his first five games. Meanwhile, Romo has never played five consecutive games in his career without throwing an interception. Even so, Romo has maintained a career quarterback rating of 97.1 over a long career and he’s thrown 247 touchdowns, many of which came out of plays that could seemingly only be made by him. So to reiterate: A difficult decision is on the horizon. But even if the choice reverberates outside of the Cowboys’ locker room, the players involved seem keen on not letting it affect whether or not they lose games. The two quarterbacks certainly carry no animosity.

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