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We just want to give him a chance to play safety,” Garrett said. “He’s done so many different things for us over the last couple years during the season to help our team. We just feel like that’s the right thing for him to do. We gave him a pretty good shot at quarterback last year, and we made that decision to move him back there and really give him a chance to make the football team." As a first-year veteran, Showers was eligible to participate in the rookie minicamp in early May. He’s had to transform his body for the position switch. At quarterback his playing weight was 230-232 pounds. He’s about halfway to his 215-pound target weight. “I can’t eat like a quarterback anymore,” he said. “That’s tough.” He still throws during free moments, but he’s focused on his backpedal now. It’s a challenging conversion because he hasn’t played defense since middle school when he lined up at middle linebacker.

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